How It Works

It’s simple to choose, order, and store Chef2Home Meals.

Step One

Select the condition or diet that is of interest to you or for the person in your care


Step Two

Select from our delightfully delicious meals


Step Three

Call or email Chef2Home and place your order


Step Four

Upon delivery, store your frozen fresh meals in your freezer until ready to prepare

Chef2Home Eligibility

We serve people who are covered under Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid plans, Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS/HCBS) programs, and the Older Americans Act/Aging Network throughout your community. We also support clients and communities with emergency relief programs and serve individuals or their caregivers looking for a private, self-pay program.

Medicare advantage members

Most Medicare Advantage plans offer a short-term meal benefit for individuals discharged from a hospital or skilled nursing facility when approved by the health plan. Also, many plans offer a long-term benefit for those with chronic conditions who need support.

Medicaid Long-term Care (MLTSS) and HCBS Members

States offer “home and community-based services,” such as meals, through a network of managed care health plans or directly by the state through case managers. Consult your Medicaid Health Plan, State Medicaid program, Area Agency on Aging, or case manager to determine eligibility.

Older Americans Act Recipients

The OOA is a program for individuals aged 60 years or older that includes congregate setting and home-delivered meals and is administered through your Area Agency on Aging. Please contact them to become eligible or contact your case manager if you have one.

It’s simple to get fresh frozen, home-delivered meals that are ready to prepare for a delightfully delicious food experience!